Heart of America Operation Support Center : Moline, Illinois

Heart of America Operation Support Center

Heart of America’s Operation Support Center became the first office project that our company took on. After a multimillion-dollar renovation, the former Moline Plow Company building became Heart of America’s beautiful new corporate office. With stylish stairwells, colorful walls, green framed windows, and a four story glass and green beam entryway, complete with elevated executive offices, conference rooms and patios with amazing views of the Mississippi River, the building kept a warehouse feel yet became a very modern office building for the Heart of America OSC employees.

Before Renovation
Heart of America’s Operation Support Center has a history of its own. The building was the last remaining piece of the Moline Plow Company, a company birthed by the John Deere family in the 1800’s, and after the 120 year old building was no longer being used as a warehouse, it was going to be torn down. It was then that Renew Moline, a group dedicated to the development of the city of Moline, approached Mike Whalen asking him to turn the building into a restaurant or farmer’s market. Mike originally declined, but the more he saw the building, the more it grew on him. Heart of America was looking to expand our corporate office, or the Operation Support Center, and we saw great potential in the rundown warehouse. The building was purchased from Consumers, and it became the new Heart of America OSC.

After Renovation
The office building’s renovation took a lot of work. There were weeks of sandblasting wooden beams and floors, refacing the brick on the outside, and reconstruction of the entire inside. During the process, we discovered southern yellow pine beams from the first harvests in the 1800’s, and we kept the beams and the original floors to preserve the historic building’s past. An addition on the west side of the building was torn down where a parking lot for the office was built, and renovation was stalled while waiting for President Clinton to sign a defense bill authorizing a move of the Rock Island Arsenal entrance ramp.

The building was a perfect place to expand our growing company, and the interior was designed to be a fun, exciting place to work with a modern warehouse feel, using industrial materials to make furniture, and adding bright colors to the walls and hallways. The office is home to nearly fifty employees who help Heart of America conduct our everyday business.